Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New! Dr. Dao's Sports Injury Blog

Announcing Doctor Dao's Sports Injury Blog,  a place where you can ask questions, and find out answers about Sports and other common injuries related to the Jock inside all of us!   We will be open to discussing all types of Sports Med related questions, and try to help you find answers so you can get back in to the field/sport that you enjoy.

We will try to give you the best answers to medically related questions, however, you should consult your own physician for actual treatment.

As this blog format is developing, we will start taking questions here first, but may move to another website in the near future.  So ask away, we are here at your service...

Dr. Leland Dao is a Board certified Osteopathic Physician practicing Family and Sports Medicine in Haleiwa, Hawaii.  He has been a consulting physician for the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour since 1997, and has provided Sports medicine care for numerous athletes worldwide.  Dr.  Dao is the inventor of the SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace, a newly designed brace for the treatment of Tennis elbow injuries.   

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tennis Elbow Treatment Discovery

There is a new type of arm brace you may see on the courts this year, made for treating that age old condition known as  tennis elbow. The SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace was created by Dr. Leland Dao, a Family and Sports Medicine Physician in Hawaii, specifically for use with this ever so common condition.  Known medically as lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylar tendinopathy, and contrary to the name, tennis elbow not only affects tennis players who have that bad backhand stroke, it is more commonly found in those individuals who do repetitive manual activities such as mechanics, weightlifters, and computer users among others.  Interestingly, Tennis elbow is found in one to two percent of the entire population, and seven out of every 1,000-doctor visits are estimated to be for evaluating tennis elbow pain.  

The impetus for creating this product was the recognition of a need for a new approach to managing this condition.  Dao knew that other treatments for tennis elbow were not effective.  As a sufferer of the condition himself, he sought after a better treatment.  After researching and reviewing the basic anatomic structures and positions of the elbow and forearm, Dr. Dao came up with the unique idea of a brace that uses a spiraling tension band to supinate the forearm (holding the palm forward or up).  The potential to help all tennis elbow sufferers was recognized, and thus, the SUPER Tennis Elbow Brace was born, with the vision if being worn on every nagging, tennis elbow arm in the world.  This stylish design looks very attractive, and is very comfortable to wear.

The SUPer Tennis Elbow Brace is  patent pending,  with a one-size fits all design, treating both right and left handed injuries.  Best yet, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
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